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On a mission to keep pets at home and out of shelters!





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· 70,000 puppies and kittens are born every day in the U.S.

· Between four million and six million pets are euthanized every year because they are homeless.

· That means between 11,000 and 16,000 pets are euthanized every day simply because they are homeless.

· An animal in a shelter is killed every 1.5 seconds.

· Only one animal in 10 born in the U.S. gets a good home that lasts a lifetime.

PLEASE Be Part of the Solution: Spay - Neuter - Adopt!


~ Memorials ~


TICAL: 8-9-96 to 8-10-07

Still miss you like crazy momma's boy.   You taught me true loyalty and devotion.  Love you forever!!!


GENERAL:  1995 - 2008

You were the man buddy!  I didn't get you till you were almost 10.  They used you in dog fights because you were so big & strong yet you were so gentle it was unreal...

I love you big guy!


CLEOPATRA:  1-12-09 to 11-12-10

My baby girl gone too soon.  What a crushing shock to lose you so early... You were the life of the house Cleo, and so smart!!!  I'll always love you xoxox


SYSKO:  2002 - 2010

It's okay now buddy, you don't have to worry about anything.  You were a good boy, so loyal & clever.  RIP Bud.


PHOENIX:  2004

I'll never forget you little angel.  You got my heart forever in the two days you were here.  I helped you take your first step and you were a trooper taking that medicine. 

RIP precious Phoenix.


PAKKO:  2000 - 2006

What a perfect little doggie you were.  Everyone who saw you fell in love with you and wanted to take you home.  I still can't believe someone gave you up when you were just a pup. 

I wish you were still here little guy.  Always loving you...


SKARFACE:  1-12-09 - 11-28-11

There never was, and never will there be a more beautiful soul than yours Bubba Balentino <3 Love you forever!

Until we meet again...






You were too good for that place son

Fly Free Now




What would I do without you, my precious, furry friend?...

Part mischief, but all blessing, and faithful to the end!

You look at me with eyes of love; you never hold a grudge...

You think I'm far too wonderful to criticize or judge.

It seems your greatest joy in life is being close to me...

I think God knew how comforting your warm, soft fur would be.

I know you think you're human, but I'm glad it isn't true...

The world would be a nicer place if folks were more like you!

A few short years are all we have; one day we'll have to part...

But you, my pet, will always have a place within my heart.

Hope Harrington Kolb - Copyright 1993